Quality and Trust is our emblem

We produce organic and healthy product


Quality and the way of growth is an important issue that we have never forget.
Avoiding chemical solutions is our strategy.
Produce and farming organic and healthy product is our goal.

    • Our high quality vannamei shrimp


    • Honored to offer Strong larvals with highest survivals numbers


    • We offer Our shrimps in high quality and various packings

    Shrimp Package



We are proud to say that we have a strong experience in this industry and we believe it because of our long stand in this industry, establishment of “Rubian Gostar Khouzestan” company (our hatchery section) in 1996 and begin of its work in Abadan is showing this fact very well.

Potential & Capability

Growth of shrimp divides to two wings, hatching and culture. “Abadan Trade” by having at least one company and its related facilities for each hatchery and shrimp farms, has been create a complete cycle of shrimp life successfully.